Saturday, December 8, 2007

Laguna Niguel Christmas Parade

A1 was invited to be in the City of Laguna Niguel's Christmas parade. So we hooked up with the 501st and Rebel Legion and did a parade!

So we start setting up and the greatest Jawa ever shows up!

Then the Boss had to show up and ruin it...
501st Honorary Member Anthony Forrest was there so I grabbed a pic with him and the droid. (Anthony was a Sandtrooper in ANH also played Fixer)
Anthony was great! Very nice guy and was happy to be at the parade. So I let him drive A1 around. Like a kid with a new toy!!!
We had 3 droids there.. Max and his R2-R9, Victor and R2-D2 and A1 and Me.
Overall great event! Both kids and adults loved the droids and it didn't rain on us!

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