Saturday, September 20, 2008

A1 has a busy day!

A1 had a busy day today. Our first event was the famous (or should I say infamous) R2LA5. Mike Senna opens his home to the local R2 builders and we make a huge party out of it. This year the guys did a live web feed so the out of area builders could see what we do.

The Godfather - Mike Senna (Holding his Rat Exterminator)
Every year the R2LA guys pick a builder of the year. This years winner was Jerry C. Jerry came in all the way from Texas to get his award!

The happy twins.... and yes, Jerry is smiling!

A1 had to leave R2LA to attend an event with the 501st. The 501st was invited to go to the 0ne years anniversary fund raiser for the US Too Gymnastics Center in Lake Forrest, Ca. The center helps Special children by teaching them Gymnastics.

A1 Makes and new friend
My buddy Adam T. helps keep the rebels out of the party
The Orange County Fire Authority was on scene to show the kids their truck and give them rides in their basket.

After the event, we went back to R2LA for a couple more hours. All you builders, make sure you get the R2LA5 DVD when it comes out. You wont regret it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

R2 Visits Legoland

A1 was joined by the 501st in Carlsbad, Ca at Legoland. This was A1's first visit to the theme park, and it was great! The crowds were large and the Legoland Staff were great. Big thank you to Kim (Our Legoland Handler)

A1 with the Boss!

A1 with the Legion at the front gate before opening. You should have herd the crowd when the troopers walked out!

A fan :)

This youngling was giddy and was all squeeliey (<-- Is that a word?)
Even the Mini Clones felt the need to report to A1.

Overall great event! A1 was a big hit....

I would also like to thank my youngest Daughter (Alyssa) for helping dad. I had a great time with ya kid!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barnes and Noble Clone Wars Event

R2 was invited to join the 501st and Rebel Legion at a local Barnes and Noble for a Clone Wars Event. Got to hang out with all the shoppers.

My youngest fan EVER!!!
Ops, not a fan....the smallest Stormtrooper EVER!!! (Hi Zoe!)
The Empire has failed.... this little girl was not scared of us at all!
All the troopers at the end of the day.
Overall great event! Thanks Victoria!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clone Wars Movie Event

The 501st was asked to join the Regal Entertainment Group to help promote the release of the Clone Wars movie. So I took A1 the the theaters in Newport Beach, Ca and we had a great time.
We invaded the local MacDonalds for new Clone Wars toys....
Mingled with the crowd outside the theaters....
Posed with the boss!
And the three stooges (Me, Victor and Vince) pose with our works of art.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Robot Chicken 501st Presentation

Back at Wizardworld LA, we noticed that the Robot Chicken guys were not part of the 501st yet. So I got in touch with them and threw the idea out about making them Friends of the Legion. They loved the idea. So today the 20 of the finest 501st members met up at the Robot Chicken shop and inducted them into the 501st!

Seth Green was really enjoying himself!!!
Seth and Matt and my boy!
I was joined my a couple other R2 Builders. Max, Victor and Mike.
And for a little surprise, Donald Faison of the TV show Scrubs joined in the festivities!
Everyone at this event, 501st and Robot Chicken crew, had a great time. I was lucky enough to be able to do a Podcast interview with the guys for the 501st Podcast, so watch for that!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Show off

R2 made a vist at my Brother in laws for Mothers Day. So I finally got to show off a completed R2 to my famliy.
This young man thought he could push R2 around....
And he paid the price!
All the kids had a good time :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

C4 Droid inverview

Yea, I know, C4 was a long time ago..... but! While walking around Wizard World I bumped into a guy that I did an interview with at C4. Never saw the video online and forgot about it. Rob from said he would send me the video for the site. So here is my interview from C4 Los Angeles :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Naval Hospitial Wounded Warrior Event

The 501st, Rebel Legion and the Droid Builders were invited to Naval Medical Center San Diego for a Wounded Warrior event. This kind of event tugs at the ole heart strings. Being a veteran myself , this kind of event means a lot to me. There is nothing to good for our wounded troopers! The only bad part was the area we were in was not really good for droid driving, but we adapted and overcame :)

The droids wanted to go in the hospital to see the wounded troopers, but were denied due to the electronics. So we stayed outside and entertained everyone. Victor Franco provided R2-D2 for the event!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

California Hyperbaric Center Anniversary

R2 and I got another chance to visit the California Hyperbaric Center for their one year Anniversary. As usual , the event was great! Got to meet a ton of kids and hang out with my buddies :) I really enjoy this event and look forward to going back soon.

Big thanks to the 501st and Rebel Legion for sending in the support troopers! ANd my buddy and fellow Droid builder....Vic!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Wizard World LA pic's!

Here are some images from Day 2 and 3 of Wizard World LA!!

Ed O'ross - Loved the droid!!!!

Herb Jefferson - Battlestar Galactica (Lt. Boomer)
Erin Grey and a friend - (Buck Rogers)
R2's favorite fan! This young man was in awe of the droid!! His sister about lost her mind too!

My buddy and fellow Builder Vic and our official Vic and Chris with Droid pose :)
I have a ton more pic's of the event, just click on the link to the right to go to my Photo gallery.

Friday, March 14, 2008

R2 invades Wizardcon 08

R2 was at Wizard Con in LA today and meet a few new friends...

Tommy Morrison - Heavyweight Champ - Rocky 5
Limelight - Who wants to be a Superhero

Hygena - Who wants to be a Superhero (Bigtime Star Wars Fan! Future Honorary Member???)

Fat Momma - Who wants to be a Superhero (Threaten to beat down R2 if he touched her donuts!)
Major Victory - Who wants to be a Superhero

The Final guy is someone I started watching as a kid in the WWF. Mick Foley does a lot of charity events for kids and has visited the troops. Very nice guy, glad I got to meet him!

Few more folks at the Con I want to get pics with, so stand by for Day 2 of Wizard Con!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Boy Scout Blue and Gold Dinner

Went to a local Cub Scout Dinner with the 501st and Rebel Legion. Got to hang with my buddy Mike and his R2. Always a good time.

The boys were a hit a always!

I caught Mike doing his Stalking Carrie Fisher pose.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Frank and Sons event

A1 was at the Frank and Sons collector show today. Got to meet a few of the actors and posed for pics with them. A1 teamed up with Victors R2-D2 (AGAIN!) for this event. And of course....we stole the show :)

Ray Park - Darth Maul

Daniel Logan - Young Boba Fett

Bonnie Piesse - Young Aunt Beru

Margo Apostolos and Debbie Carrington - Ewoks

And the cuties little girl at the show!
All of the actor were great with A1, the 501st and the public. Overall great showing by all groups.