Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hyperbaric Center Xmas Party

A1 was joined by the Southern California Garrison for a Christmas Party at a Hyperbaric Chamber Center. Mike Senna got his R2 out for this event! It's always a pleasure to see my 501st and Droid buddies again! I have to thank Victor Franco for helping me big time during this event! I had to wear a Vader suit so A1 would not have been able to play. But Victor was kind enough to show up and A1 drive for me!!!

Me, Mike, and Amy walk through the center to find the best routes for the droids.

Some A1 fans!!!

A 501st members son loves A1!!!
A1 and his arch enemy... Sennas R2!

Me suiting up as the Dark Lord. I really like doing this, but man does it get hot in there. The kids and adults alike love Vader!
This event is the one of the reasons I built A1. I was told by the staff of CIHC that we made the day for a lot of the kids by showing up. Im real glad that we were there!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Laguna Niguel Christmas Parade

A1 was invited to be in the City of Laguna Niguel's Christmas parade. So we hooked up with the 501st and Rebel Legion and did a parade!

So we start setting up and the greatest Jawa ever shows up!

Then the Boss had to show up and ruin it...
501st Honorary Member Anthony Forrest was there so I grabbed a pic with him and the droid. (Anthony was a Sandtrooper in ANH also played Fixer)
Anthony was great! Very nice guy and was happy to be at the parade. So I let him drive A1 around. Like a kid with a new toy!!!
We had 3 droids there.. Max and his R2-R9, Victor and R2-D2 and A1 and Me.
Overall great event! Both kids and adults loved the droids and it didn't rain on us!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Fanboy's Shoot (Day 2)

Mike and I showed up to the set this morning and had to take care of business first!!! Thats right.... chow time!

After chow, we meet with Amy and she had some not so good news for Mike. Apparently, R2-D2 was used in another scene so they could not use him him the Lucas Office scenes. So Mike moved his droid outside to sit out the filming. What timing, as soon as he got his R2 out, the van with all the primary actors came in. Mike ambushed them on the way in and got a great group shot with the whole cast!

Left to right - Chris Marquette - Jay Baruchel - Mike Senna - Dan Folger - Sam Huntington and Kristin Bell

I was going to try and get a group pic too, but it did not happen. So instead, I got a movie of me playing around with A1 with all the actors in the background!

This is R2-A1 final resting place for the scene. Right next to the Gentle Giant Boba Fett statue! They asked me to turn on his lights.

After the the opening scene, they had to reset. I moved A1 outside and spent most of the day doing this! Did'nt get back in till about 7PM.

After the final shot Kristin Bell was nice enough to take a pic with A1. She was really nice!

In one of the scenes, she uses one of Mike's props. Afterwards, she was nice enough to sign it and say hi to Mikes Kids!

Again, I have a ton of other pic's, but I cant show them till the movie comes out. I can say if R2-A1 does not get cut, he will been on screen!

Will Forte (Saturday Night Live and Beerfest) was also nice enough to take a pic with R2!

And at the end of the day, it's time to pack up the droid and head for home!

It was a long day and everyone was tired.... but man was it fun! Let me tell ya, they feed you well on set! We had steak, salmon and chicken for lunch. Oh the horror's of working in the industry!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fanboys Movie shoot

R2 was invited to be in the upcoming movie called Fanboys (Release date is set for 18 Jan, 2008). So I took my boy out to the filming location today. All we did was put them in the room where they will be shooting on Monday. I am not allowed to post any pics of the set, but I am allowed to post a few pic's of Mike Senna, Victor Franco and I setting up. Once the movie is released, I will be posting up the rest of the shoot images!

One inside pic I am allowed to post is a group shot, plus Kim (Fanboy's Sets)

Vincent Sanchez dropped off his R5 earlier! This shot takes place on the "Ranch" in the Makers office. Props everywhere!!! Mike and I will be heading out Monday morning to watch the filming and take care of our boys!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dome Circuit working!

Just finished the Automated Droid Dome circuit installation. Here is a quick video of the droid.

Big thanks to Mike and Victor for helping me get this going!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Automation Circuit work

I have decided to add a circuit to the droid that will automate the dome and sound system. Mike Senna built a beauty that I wanted to copy. So I got all the goods and went over to Mike's. He was nice enough to build up the circuit for me...

And of course I had to "Pay" Mike for all this work...

Victor was there building another circuit for his 2nd droid.

Mike finished the work and we tested in the droid, worked like a charm!
I have to get the circuit installed in it's final resting place, then we will have actual droid automation! Thanks to Mike and Victor for all the work and great ideas!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Walk Now for Autsim - Irvine

The 501st, Rebel Legion, Victor Franco and I worked the Annual Autism walk in Irvine. Again, the kids (and adults) loved all the costumes and droids.

Elizabeth, Victor, Allyssa (My Daughter) and I.

Great event! Raised a ton of cash and all the folks had a great time

Friday, November 9, 2007

R2-A1 1st Event

I was asked to bring my boy to Tim Knapp's son's school for an Annunciation Fund raiser.

Met up with the local Southern Californian Garrison 501st members for some photo ops.

Kids loved R2.....

2 was minding his own biz when all of a sudden Yoda pops up and starts yelling at him......

R2 is gonna get a complex if this keeps up!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to R2-A1's Adventure Blog

I decided to move to a new Blog software package. So instead of recreating the old site, I will just start this one off as R2-A1's Adventure Blog.

Welcome and enjoy the R2-A1 Imperial Astromech Droid Show!!!