Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fanboys Premier Screening Videos

Here are a couple videos on the Fanboys Premier that A1 Attended...

Jamie King shows love for the R2's!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gompers Elementry School Visit

My son Johnny asked me to visit his school with A1 for a show and tell. So of course we went! Nothing like driving R2 into a school full of kids stuck indoors due to rain.

Johnny's classmates and A1

Me showing John how to drive the A1

Johnny, A1 and me in the classic droid pose :)
Kids had a great time as did I. Thanks for inviting us Johnny!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fanboys Premier Screening

A1 was invited to the star filled premier of the movie Fanboys. IF you remember from my earlier post, A1 is in the movie :) So I am glad to see it finally hit the big screen. And as usual the droid was a favorite at the event. Victor Franco and his R2-D2 joined us as well as the Godfather of R2's, Mike Senna.

Vic and Mike unloading the R2.
The cast from L to R, Sam Huntington, Kristen Bell, Chris Marquette, Dan Folger, Kyle Newman and Jamie King.

The Director, Kyle Newman. He told me that they added some sound to A1 for the movie, gotta see what they did!

Kyle Newman's wife, Jamie King was there also, she just loved the droids!

Dan Folger, Hutch in the movie took the time to take a pic with all the Droid builders and asume the Droid builders pose!
There were a lot of TV crews there, this is the reporter for Fox News, gotta find that clip!

David Denman for the TV series "The Office" came by and took a pic with us.
And I think this is my favorite pic of the whole night! Selma Blair came by and said she loved the droids!

Here's a clip where Jamie confesses her love for the droids....

This was a great event! A1 and I had a blast hanging out with the 501st and Rebel Legion folks. Now I gotta go see the movie on Friday :)