Saturday, August 15, 2009

Discovery Science Center Visit

The R2 Builders Club, 501st legion and Rebel Legion were invited to the Discover Science Center in Santa Ana, Ca to promote the Robot event they have going on.

So Victor Franco (R2-D2), Max Cervantes (RT-R2), Vince Sanchez (R5-D4) and I took the boys out!

It was a great event and everyone loved the droids and the costumers.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Robot Chicken Skate Party LA Style!

A1 hit the party scene at Skateland in Northridge last night! We were there to help the Robot Chicken Crew promote the release of there Star Wars Episode II DVD release!

Seth, Matt and the 501st Crew!
Rileah Vanderbilt from the winner of the 2009 Lucasfilm Fan film award Saber!
Actress Ming Na
Seth and A1 on the Red Carpet
On the Skate Floor!
The Robot Chicken!!!Yup, that's Fez! Wilmer Valderrama
The Robot Chicken Crew and my Birthday Cake!!!