Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barnes and Noble Clone Wars Event

R2 was invited to join the 501st and Rebel Legion at a local Barnes and Noble for a Clone Wars Event. Got to hang out with all the shoppers.

My youngest fan EVER!!!
Ops, not a fan....the smallest Stormtrooper EVER!!! (Hi Zoe!)
The Empire has failed.... this little girl was not scared of us at all!
All the troopers at the end of the day.
Overall great event! Thanks Victoria!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clone Wars Movie Event

The 501st was asked to join the Regal Entertainment Group to help promote the release of the Clone Wars movie. So I took A1 the the theaters in Newport Beach, Ca and we had a great time.
We invaded the local MacDonalds for new Clone Wars toys....
Mingled with the crowd outside the theaters....
Posed with the boss!
And the three stooges (Me, Victor and Vince) pose with our works of art.