Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fanboys Movie shoot

R2 was invited to be in the upcoming movie called Fanboys (Release date is set for 18 Jan, 2008). So I took my boy out to the filming location today. All we did was put them in the room where they will be shooting on Monday. I am not allowed to post any pics of the set, but I am allowed to post a few pic's of Mike Senna, Victor Franco and I setting up. Once the movie is released, I will be posting up the rest of the shoot images!

One inside pic I am allowed to post is a group shot, plus Kim (Fanboy's Sets)

Vincent Sanchez dropped off his R5 earlier! This shot takes place on the "Ranch" in the Makers office. Props everywhere!!! Mike and I will be heading out Monday morning to watch the filming and take care of our boys!

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