Saturday, September 20, 2008

A1 has a busy day!

A1 had a busy day today. Our first event was the famous (or should I say infamous) R2LA5. Mike Senna opens his home to the local R2 builders and we make a huge party out of it. This year the guys did a live web feed so the out of area builders could see what we do.

The Godfather - Mike Senna (Holding his Rat Exterminator)
Every year the R2LA guys pick a builder of the year. This years winner was Jerry C. Jerry came in all the way from Texas to get his award!

The happy twins.... and yes, Jerry is smiling!

A1 had to leave R2LA to attend an event with the 501st. The 501st was invited to go to the 0ne years anniversary fund raiser for the US Too Gymnastics Center in Lake Forrest, Ca. The center helps Special children by teaching them Gymnastics.

A1 Makes and new friend
My buddy Adam T. helps keep the rebels out of the party
The Orange County Fire Authority was on scene to show the kids their truck and give them rides in their basket.

After the event, we went back to R2LA for a couple more hours. All you builders, make sure you get the R2LA5 DVD when it comes out. You wont regret it!

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