Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frank and Sons Star Wars Day

A1 reported for duty for the Frank and Sons Collectibles Star Wars day. This is always a great event. The 50st and the droids we mobbed by adoring fans! R2 was able to meet and patrol the area with a new Naboo Era droid, R2-A6. Dan Logan (Young Boba Fett), Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Bonnie Piesse (Young Aunt Baru) and Matt Wood (Voice of General Grievous) were all at the show signing autographs.

I would like to thank R2-A6 driver Gene Arena, of the R2 Builders club and a So Cal Garrison member for helping me out today. Im my rush to get out of the house, I forgot a set of batteries for A1. Gene was nice enough to let me borrow a set of his A6 batteries. Thanks again buddy!!!!

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